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A Way to Age Happier and Healthier: Taking the Holistic Route

At the Tao Institute of Modern Wellness in Bryn Mawr, PA, a brand new therapy for aging healthier and happier has been introduced. The new treatment is Bio-identical Hormone Balance Therapy, which entails the administering of bio-identical hormones that are derived from plants and are formulated distinctively for each patient’s needs. Men and women are invited to experience this revolutionary 100% natural therapy now available.

The Benefits of Bio-identical Hormone Balance Therapy

This exclusive new therapy is ideal for men and women looking to rejuvenate their body mentally and physically, as it provides many wellness benefits.

Bio-identical Hormone Balance Therapy can:

  • Prevent Heart Disease & Diabetes
  • Protect Bone Density
  • Balance Thyroid and Adrenal Hormone
  • Increase Mental Focus and Memory
  • Infuse Energy and Decrease Fatigue
  • Induce Restful Sleep
  • Optimize Mood, Decrease Anxiety & Depression
  • Reduce Weight Gain Especially around Midsection
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Lessen Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Enhance Sexual Desire & Performance

Since Bio-identical Hormone Balance Therapy can help decrease depression and anxiety, it is also recommended for women dealing with postpartum depression around the Philadelphia region, as well as New York and New Jersey. Furthermore, it is used to treat various issues such as inability to focus, memory loss, menopause symptoms, premature aging, low sex drive, and obesity.


Bio-identical Hormone Balance Therapy is clinically proven to improve health and prevent disease, and has helped many Tao Institute patients achieve their health goals. One patient explained that the therapy helped her achieve health balance:

“I have had hot flashes for over 10 years and have tried numerous conventional hormones and natural remedies without much success. My sex drive was almost non-existent. I was fatigued and depressed. Almost instantly after my first pellet insertion I found relief! I would highly recommend Hormone Replacement Therapy; it's a life saver!"

Another patient, Chris, also found the therapy extremely helpful. “Over the past six months I noticed an increased energy level, more restful sleep, mental sharpness and an overall increased activity level. My sexual stamina also improved!” said Chris.

Be sure to pick up Dr. Yang and Norma Kamali’s new book, Facing East: Ancient Health + Beauty Secrets for the Modern Age, to learn natural tips and advice for maintaining a young and beautiful appearance. Buy the book on Amazon here.

In addition, the Tao Institute of Modern Wellness also offers various treatments such as face-lift acupuncture, herbal supplements, lifestyle and diet coaching, skin care services, and meditation in and around South Jersey. Schedule a meeting with our integrative medicine experts to begin your journey to a well-balanced life.

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