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Therapeutic Massage

Tao Integrative Medicine treats the whole individual by affecting all levels of your being, rather than focusing on physical conditions. Movements are slow, meditative and rhythmic. You’ll feel nurtured and leave with a sense of heightened awareness. We offer both holistic (customized to your needs), and integrated (combination holistic, deep tissue massage, and trigger point therapy) massage services.

Holistic Massage - 50min/$70
Light to moderate pressure customized to help alleviate stress, stiff and tense muscles, as well as improve circulation

Relaxation Massage - 25min/$45
Relieve everyday stress and tension from your neck, back and shoulders

Foot Reflexology - 25min/$45
Direct points used to stimulate the reflexes corresponding with all of the organs, glands, and parts of the body that will increase circulation and improve overall health

Sports Massage - 25 min/$50 | 50min/$75
Focused on localized areas needed most with a combination of massage and stretching to manipulate sore and tense muscles that will aide in joint mobility and help prevent injury, as well as promote healing

Facial Massage - 25 min/$45
A gentle massage to the face, head and neck to reduce inflammation, increase blood and oxygen flow to the skin, and relieve pressure causing headaches and strain to the eyes

Massage Add-Ons

Deep Tissue - $10
A more concentrated massage focusing on deeper layers of tissues and fascia to reduce chronic patterns of muscle tension and relieve aches and pains

Aromatherapy - $5
Enhance your massage with essential oils to rejuvenate your mind and body

Sinus Treatment - $5
Acupressure points and a hot towel to the face to release symptoms due to sinusitis

Monthly Massage Membership
For $55 a month charged to your credit card, you receive a session of 50 minutes massage. Any additional massages in the month is charged at the member rate of $55.

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